The New ‘America’ Magazine: A Columnist’s Retrospective

For the last four years, I’ve had the great honor and privilege of being serving as a columnist for America Magazine, the renowned Jesuit weekly publication. I was humbled to receive the invitation from the editors in January 2013 and it has been a great joy to contribute to such an outstanding publication that is committed to […]

Franciscans, Social Justice, and the Risk of Martyrdom in Mexico

A few days ago The New Yorker‘s Sarah Stillman wrote a blog post titled: “What We Want is the Head of the Friar.” It is a piece about a Franciscan friar named Tomás González Castillo, a man who has been running “a sanctuary for U.S.-bound migrants near the Guatemalan border, providing cots, meals, and a few days […]

Francis of Assisi (Still) in the Spotlight

This article originally appeared in the online edition of America magazine with the introduction by Fr. James Martin, SJ, that read: “We asked Daniel P. Horan, OFM, a Franciscan author, to respond to Joan Acocella’s long and substantive article in this week’s New Yorker on St. Francis of Assisi.  Ms. Acocella, a superb writer, looked at several books […]

On Demand: Limiting Our Worldviews One Show at a Time

So I don’t generally watch a lot of TV “live,” that is when the television programs I do enjoy are broadcast at their regularly scheduled times. Instead, like so many people in the digital age, I often watch TV shows on demand through websites like or the networks’ own streaming options. It is just […]

Bachmann and Palin: New ‘Feminists’ or Not?

The Washington Post has a very interesting article titled, “Evangelical Women Rise as New ‘Feminists,‘” which suggests, in part, that the new face of feminism is that of the socially conservative political figures most notably represented by Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. The article, written by Lisa Miller, begins with a “traditional definition” of feminism, […]