Already, Not Yet: The Eschatological Tension of Now

Already, Not Yet! This is a phrase often associated with the eschatological tension that is made front and center of the liturgical season of Advent that gets underway today. If “Jesus” is the “Reason for the Season” of Christmas, as the popular expression goes (though, in truth, God’s love for creation is really the “reason for […]

‘Understanding Laudato Si’ Episode 03

In this third episode of “Understanding Laudato Si,” we explore the first half of Chapter One of Pope Francis’s encyclical. The three subheadings of Chapter One examined here include the themes of: (A) Pollution and Climate Change; (B) The Issue of Water; and (C) Loss of Biodiversity. Stay tuned for next week’s episode in which I will […]

Twelve Years Later: A Prayer on the Anniversary of September 11, 2001

Two years ago, the interfaith religious organization Odyssey Networks invited me to contribute an original prayer to their tenth anniversary of 9/11 project for their iPhone and Droid application called “Call on Faith.” Once someone downloads the app they have access to a number of prayers, reflections and interviews from a variety of sources and presented by […]