The View From Gary Wills’s Theological Armchair

I have long appreciated the intelligence and wit of Gary Wills. As a historian of some prominence — he’s won the Pulitzer and holds a PhD in classics — and a literary critic whose work has regularly appeared in the New York Review of Books and other significant publications, I have admired his skilled assessment of […]

Pope Cites Dorothy Day in his Ash Wednesday Audience

In what is described as the ‘penultimate’ public audience of Pope Benedict XVI, on this the morning of Ash Wednesday, the Holy Father talked about Lent and also mentioned American Dorothy Day, citing her autobiography. Here is the full text. Dear Brothers and Sisters, Today, Ash Wednesday, we begin the liturgical time of Lent, forty days […]

Why Pope Gregory XII Doesn’t Really Count

Amid all the media hype and need to find out esoteric Christian historical and canonical information on short notice yesterday following Pope Benedict XVI’s announcement that he will resign from his office as Bishop of Rome on February 28, 2013, there was an understandable amount of confusion about if and when something like this had […]

Confusion about Theology: The Disinviting of Speakers Continues

‘Tis the season for misunderstanding in the popular perception of theological inquiry. It began a few weeks back with the scandalous and quite shameful rescinding of British theologian Tina Beattie’s visiting fellowship by the University of San Diego (read about this here), a move that has led to serious allegations of abuse of power on […]

Pope’s Opening Address at Synod on ‘New Evangelization’

Here is the text of Pope Benedict XVI’s opening address at the Synod in Rome. Dear Brothers, My meditation refers to the word “Evangelium” – “euangelisasthai” [Greek: “to preach the Gospel”] (cf. Lk 4:18). In this Synod we want to know more about what the Lord tells us and what we can or must do. […]