Correcting Oversight: DeWitt’s Reflections on ML King’s Opposition to War and Poverty

The following essay, written by Stephen DeWitt, OFM, author of the blog¬†, was originally published in the January 18, 2012 issue of HNP Today, the twice-monthly newsletter of the Franciscan of Holy Name Province. It is reprinted here with the author’s permission. Seasonal Reflection: Being True to King’s Legacy by Stephen DeWitt, OFM Martin Luther […]

Shane Claiborne and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

Well, within two weeks I find myself writing about Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream for the second time. I wrote previously about the social-justice agenda that is prominently featured as part of the mission and business plan of the ice-cream company (see “My Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Social Justice“). Today I share with you a […]

NJ Talk and Thomas Merton on the Source of War

Last night and again later this morning I am giving talks in Beach Haven, NJ, on the Franciscan influence in the life and thought of Thomas Merton. I particularly enjoy being reminded of the various insights and nuggets of wisdom that shine through Merton’s work. Sometimes one who spends so much time with a particular […]