Correcting Oversight: DeWitt’s Reflections on ML King’s Opposition to War and Poverty

The following essay, written by Stephen DeWitt, OFM, author of the blog, was originally published in the January 18, 2012 issue of HNP Today, the twice-monthly newsletter of the Franciscan of Holy Name Province. It is reprinted here with the author’s permission. Seasonal Reflection: Being True to King’s Legacy by Stephen DeWitt, OFM Martin Luther […]

Shane Claiborne and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

Well, within two weeks I find myself writing about Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream for the second time. I wrote previously about the social-justice agenda that is prominently featured as part of the mission and business plan of the ice-cream company (see “My Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Social Justice“). Today I share with you a […]

NJ Talk and Thomas Merton on the Source of War

Last night and again later this morning I am giving talks in Beach Haven, NJ, on the Franciscan influence in the life and thought of Thomas Merton. I particularly enjoy being reminded of the various insights and nuggets of wisdom that shine through Merton’s work. Sometimes one who spends so much time with a particular […]