The Persistence of the Mental Illness Stigma

There is an excellent guest op-ed piece in today’s New York Times written by two high-school women who articulately express the their experience of the travails of chronic depression, its isolating quality, and the stigma that remains attached to the reality. I was moved by their desire to unveil some of the solitary, and thereby confounding, dimension […]

Authority, Authenticity, and Leadership

The combination of recent reports of Pope Francis’s decisions in addressing Vatican leadership crises at the curia and today’s Gospel taken from Mark 1:21-28 about Jesus’s ability to speak as one “with authority,” has me thinking about what it means to be a Christian today and to do so with authority. Today’s Gospel begins: Jesus […]

‘Giving Up Your Pew’ is Not the Answer

The New York Times editorial page has really been into this papal resignation business lately. I’m not generally one of these people who talk about the conspiratorial-like motives of certain media outlets “against the church” as I hear from time to time. I simply do not believe that this claim is true. However, there has been […]

The View From Gary Wills’s Theological Armchair

I have long appreciated the intelligence and wit of Gary Wills. As a historian of some prominence — he’s won the Pulitzer and holds a PhD in classics — and a literary critic whose work has regularly appeared in the New York Review of Books and other significant publications, I have admired his skilled assessment of […]

Toward a Theology and Spirituality of Rest

Although not everybody is a fan of his methodological approach to theology, his particular conclusions, or his theological starting points, I know of no one who would not readily admit that the late German theologian Karl Rahner was a genius. Even if you disagree with him for substantive or unsubstantial reasons, Rahner’s insight and impact, […]

Great NYT Article about Sr. Rose Pacatte, the Movie Critic

There is a great article in today’s New York Times about Sr. Rose Pacatte, a member of the congregation of the Daughters of St. Paul, a women’s religious community well known for its media ministry and book publishing. This article highlights how Sr. Rose has participated in this year’s Sundance Film Festival and mentions a few of […]

Lessons on Gun Control from ‘Down Under’

In these days following the initial presentation of President Obama’s encouraging agenda to help curb the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the form of firearms, there is a lot of talk about the pros and cons, the challenges and the need to make this sort of change happen. Today’s New York Times includes a guest […]

The Gift of Music and the Witness of Religious Life

For those who haven’t yet seen yesterday’s New York Times article, “Nun Uses Music to Convey Spirited Message Against the Vatican’s Rebuke,” be sure to check it out. As others have already pointed out in reposting this story via social network sites, the headline of the piece can be a bit misleading and the lede suggests that […]

Michael Peppard’s NYT Op-Ed on Paul Ryan’s Catholicity

Michael Peppard, a young theologian on faculty at Fordham University, offers a sharp and intelligent presentation of the complications that surround the catholicity of the vice presidential candidates. Spurred on by the novelty of having two Roman Catholic candidates for the second-highest political office in the United States of America and the contentious discussions that […]