Missing the Point of the Widow’s Mite

Today’s Gospel from Mark is a bit more complicated than most people might initially think. The story about the “widow’s mite,” when Jesus and his disciples sit near the Temple and see an impoverished widow put in two coins that in and of themselves are not worth much, but presumably represent a significant portion of […]

The Irrelevance of Benedict XVI According to Gary Wills

Just a brief observation. Today, during my weekly routine of reading through the NYT Sunday Magazine (for those who prefer to read it segmented online in advance of Sunday’s print edition — I have no sympathy.  I prefer the print version), I noticed that this week’s interview was with famed historian Gary Wills.  Indeed, one […]

Come to the Table of Plenty

This week’s New York Times Magazine is the third annual “Food Issue.”  I was delighted to see that Michael Pollan, author of several best-selling books including The Omnivore’s Dilemma (2006), contributed to the issue with one of the lead articles. His piece, “The 36-Hour Dinner Party,” chronicles the experience that he and several of his […]

Glenn Beck is the ‘Paris Hilton’ of the Right-Wing

I don’t mean to offend Ms. Hilton, so I apologize if the use of her name and related status in society and popular culture is a bit snarky.  However, upon recent reflection bolstered by this week’s New York Times Magazine cover story, “Being Glenn Beck,” I feel that this kind of parallel is simply fitting. […]