A Nobel Peace Prize Won Last Term, A Hope That It Can Be Earned This Term

This morning I celebrated mass for the religious community in which I live. I am on the schedule as the presider every wednesday, but this particular wednesday brought me back to another early morning liturgy four years ago. While living in Washington, DC, during my Franciscan formation and theology and ministry studies, I happened — […]

Cardinal Dolan’s Response to the ‘Al Smith Dinner’ Critiques

Over on his blog, The Gospel in the Digital Age, the Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, offers a very well-reasoned reflection on why inviting politicians with whom one does not agree on every issue to the table (literally the dinner table in this case) is an important, necessary, and noble move. He has received […]

US Bishops, Nuns Agree: Romney, Ryan Budget ‘Fails Moral Test’

The day after the LCWR completes its annual meeting the GOP presumptive nominee for president of the United States, Mitt Romney, announced that he has selected Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan to be his VP running mate. What is interesting about this announcement is that one of the few things about which the United States Bishops […]

Dating God Podcast #05 — Mormon Historian and Catholic Priest

This past Sunday, “The Book of Mormon,” the hit broadway musical created by the same guys who brought the world Comedy Central’s “South Park,” took home 9 Tony Awards. It was nominated for 14 in total, making it the most nominated show of the season. This week’s podcast is something of a special “Mormon Episode” […]

American Politics and a ‘Call from God’

On June 1st the Washington Post posted a discussion thread on its “On Faith” blog that asked its contributors to comment on the relationship between political candidates and their decision to run or not run for office and the allegation that God has either called or not called a particular candidate to that mission. This strikes me […]