Expecting the Discomforting Reality of Discipleship

If the readings for this Sunday make you uncomfortable, then good. You were paying attention! There are several reasons why you might be unsettled by the selections from Sacred Scripture that are proclaimed to us on this twenty-first Sunday of Ordinary Time. The first reason comes from the First Reading, taken from the Book of […]

Christ the King of All Creation: Learning about ‘GreenFaith’

This past weekend we celebrated the solemnity of Christ the King, the last Sunday of the church year. Next weekend marks the beginning of a new church year as we celebrate the First Sunday of Advent (that’s right, already!). The celebration of Christ the King might evoke a variety of images and views of God […]

Some Call it Radical, But I Call it the Gospel

The events of recent weeks have sparked a great deal of productive discussion and unhelpful diatribe. I have been both edified by the interest in this blog and the comments posted, emails sent and phone calls received, but I have also been saddened by the vitriol present in the less-than charitable remarks of some in […]

The Poetics of the Kingdom versus the ‘Logic’ of the World

It will come as no surprise to regular readers of this blog that I am a rather big fan of the philosopher and theologian John D. Caputo, whom I believe may likely be one of the most significant contributors to theology in this age — even if others haven’t realized it yet. As I continue […]