Good News for Earth: Keystone XL Proposal Rejected

In what amounts to good news for social-justice advocates and for all those concerned about protecting the environment and the health and safety of many people, the Obama Administration has announced that it will reject the Keystone XL pipeline proposal that would extend an oil pipeline from Canada through the continental United States to refineries […]

Franciscan Friars and other Catholics Protest Oil Pipeline

You may have first heard about the Keystone XL pipeline right here on the Dating God Podcast‘s first installment of our “Social Justice Report,” during which Br. Steve DeWitt explained why the transnational oil pipeline should be opposed. Today, Catholic New Service¬†published an article about the protest and the same story was the lead story […]

Dating God Podcast #10 — Mike Hayes and first ‘Social Justice Report’

In this episode of the Dating God Podcast (1) We are joined by nationally known young adult minister Mike Hayes, author of the book “Googling God: The Religious Landscape of People in their 20s and 30s” (Paulist Press, 2007) and campus minister at the University at Buffalo; (2) We also have our first installment of […]