Luchando Cantando: Advent Hope for Trying Times

The Hispanic Theology and Ministry program at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago has put out an Advent resource well worth checking out. It is a series of very short reflection questions and an original song by the liturgical composer and my friend Tony Alonso that was performed at the campus of CTU earlier this year. […]

On The Pope Interview: What Else is There to Say?

Like the rest of the world — minus a few dozen Jesuits and their medal-deserving team of secret translators — I was absolutely blown away yesterday by the 12,000-word interview given by (and subsequently approved by! The pope reviewed the Italian text before it was sent out for publication) Pope Francis. The publication coordinated by […]

A Nobel Peace Prize Won Last Term, A Hope That It Can Be Earned This Term

This morning I celebrated mass for the religious community in which I live. I am on the schedule as the presider every wednesday, but this particular wednesday brought me back to another early morning liturgy four years ago. While living in Washington, DC, during my Franciscan formation and theology and ministry studies, I happened — […]

Scripture for 9/11: Forgive, Forgive, Forgive!

Yesterday I wrote about how sometimes words are not enough, but perhaps I should have qualified my statement, saying instead that hunan words are sometimes not enough. God’s Word is another story. In the immediate aftermath of the attacks of September 11, 2001, many all across the world were asking “where is God?” and in the […]