Into the Woods: The Gospel According to Mark

I have loved the work of the great composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim for years. This is in large part thanks to my college roommate and best friend Andrew who, in addition to also studying theology, had two minors: accounting and theatre. The latter field of study was a passion of his and it was over the […]

Missing the Point of the Widow’s Mite

Today’s Gospel from Mark is a bit more complicated than most people might initially think. The story about the “widow’s mite,” when Jesus and his disciples sit near the Temple and see an impoverished widow put in two coins that in and of themselves are not worth much, but presumably represent a significant portion of […]

Young Adults and the Church’s Need to Listen

So, I know this article in the current issue of America has been floating around online in the digital edition (which comes out a week before the print edition arrives), but I can be a little slow at times, often preferring to read the old fashioned paper format. This morning I read what I might characterize […]

A Season of Reflection, a Time for Planning

Unlike Advent, Lent, Christmas or Easter, each of which has a discernible theme and associated scripture selections that get to the point or ‘hit the ground running’ with the beginning of each season, I’ve always felt that Ordinary Time sputters and stalls in the beginning as the Church transitions into the liturgical time. This is […]