The View From Gary Wills’s Theological Armchair

I have long appreciated the intelligence and wit of Gary Wills. As a historian of some prominence — he’s won the Pulitzer and holds a PhD in classics — and a literary critic whose work has regularly appeared in the New York Review of Books and other significant publications, I have admired his skilled assessment of […]

Gary Wills Writes about Religious Sisters at ‘New York Review of Books’

The always eloquent, if at times controversial, historian and author Gary Wills has written a reflection on Catholic Religious Women over at the New York Review of Books that is heartfelt and direct, expressing his take on the recent report from the Vatican’s dicastery that deals with doctrine (the CDF) on the LCWR (leadership conference of […]

The Irrelevance of Benedict XVI According to Gary Wills

Just a brief observation. Today, during my weekly routine of reading through the NYT Sunday Magazine (for those who prefer to read it segmented online in advance of Sunday’s print edition — I have no sympathy.  I prefer the print version), I noticed that this week’s interview was with famed historian Gary Wills.  Indeed, one […]