Christmas: The coming of the Poor, Refugee, Prince of Peace

There is often a lot of attention given to the “reason for the season” or the admonition to “keep Christ in Christmas,” but far-too-little attention is paid to who this Christ is and what it means for us. Pope Francis, in his Christmas night homily, explains that we live in a world that is oversaturated with […]

The Advent or ‘Invention’ of Christ?

Advent. It’s a new church year, a new liturgical season, and the beginning of the month-long countdown until Christmas. Few people realize that with the beginning of Advent the church celebrates a new year, which includes a switch over to a new synoptic Gospel (this year it’s Matthew) that will guide the selections throughout the liturgical […]

Christmas Has Only Just Begun!

This reflection originally appeared in The Huffington Post on Christmas Eve 2012. Christmas is much more than a one-day event. While many people are familiar with the multi-week length of liturgical seasons throughout the Christian calendar — Ordinary Time, Advent and Lent, for example — few realize that Christmas is not just the celebration of the Nativity […]