Highlighting the Franciscan Character of ‘Laudato Si’

This is an article that originally appeared at America magazine simultaneously with the release of the Encyclical Laudato Si. For full coverage and additional commentary, visit America’s commentary page. For the full text of the encyclical, visit the Vatican website. Perhaps it is no accident that, after opening his encyclical letter “Laudato Si’” with a quote from St. Francis of […]

Latest America Magazine Column: Against Clericalism

It has been really interesting to see the immediate and personal response from a whole spectrum of people to my latest America magazine column: “Lead Us Not Into Clericalism.” There have been a handful of comments on the America website itself, but there have also been a huge number of responses online — especially in the world […]

Pope Francis: Living Up to the Name?

This post originally appeared today on America magazine’s “In All Things.” Shortly after Pope Francis was elected the Bishop of Rome, I wrote in these pages about the significance of the name “Francis” as it comes from St. Francis of Assisi (“What’s in a Name?”). In light of the six-month mark of his pontificate and the unprecedented […]

On The Pope Interview: What Else is There to Say?

Like the rest of the world — minus a few dozen Jesuits and their medal-deserving team of secret translators — I was absolutely blown away yesterday by the 12,000-word interview given by (and subsequently approved by! The pope reviewed the Italian text before it was sent out for publication) Pope Francis. The publication coordinated by […]