Pope Francis Forms Ground-Breaking New Lay Committee

According to a Reuters wire story, Pope Francis announced last week that he has formed a new committee of lay advisors from around the world that will have broad, unprecedented powers at the church’s highest levels. Encouraged to do so by his eight-cardinal advisory committee, this move marks a significant change in the way that the […]

Pope Francis’s Refreshing Take on What Makes a Good Bishop

Pastors, not bureaucrats nor political climbers. It was again a welcomed sign that Pope Francis’s view of what it means to be a leader in the church extends beyond his own office as Bishop of Rome when, earlier this week, he addressed the papal nuncios — those archbishops who serve as representatives of the Holy […]

Hans Küng on Pope Francis and Saint Francis

It is exciting to see Hans Küng, the great Catholic theologian and well-known papal cynic (for lack of a better description, seem so enthused by the decisions and actions of Pope Francis so far. In a National Catholic Reporter piece, titled “The Paradox of Pope Francis,” which shares a similar thesis to my earlier America essay, “What’s […]

Interview About Pope Francis at The Jesuit Post

The week after Pope Francis was elected the Bishop of Rome, Sam Sawyer, SJ, one of the co-founders of The Jesuit Post interviewed me about the significance of Pope Francis’s name and his having selected it after the inspiration of St. Francis of Assisi. Here’s how Sam introduces the conversation, with the links to the audio […]