Wisdom from Blessed Óscar Romero for a Troubling Time

In recent weeks I’ve found myself engrossed with the powerful writings of the Christian martyr and prophet Blessed Archbishop Óscar Romero of El Salvador. His writings are especially poignant in the face of fearful and troubling times, not the least of which because of his own personal journey of Christian conversion that led to his speaking […]

Seriously Seeking Christian Unity

This week (January 18-25) marks the annual celebration of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Around the world there are various prayer services and programs offered to engage in conversation about the issues that continue to divide the church, which is fundamentally all the baptized, and the Spirit’s role in reconciliation. Pope Francis, following […]

The Heart of the Gospel is Relationship

The heart of Gospel life is relationship. Therefore, the centerpiece of Franciscan life is relationship. One reason that I believe the Franciscan tradition has lasted so long as a source of spiritual inspiration is the universal appeal it affords people. The gospel message of relationality, modeled after God’s own example through the Incarnation, is embodied in […]

The Virtue of Humility from Francis of Assisi

Today’s reflection is an invitation to consider the wisdom of St. Francis of Assisi as it appears in Admonition V: “Let no one be proud, but Boast in the Cross of the Lord,” in which Francis—like the book of Proverbs 6:6-9—chastises human beings for their lack of faith and commitment to the Creator when compared to […]