THUMBNAIL_INTOTHEWOODS_2015This year I had the opportunity to spend the first week of Advent on retreat in a Hermitage at St. Francis Springs Prayer Center outside of Greensboro, NC. It was a week of prayer, spiritual reading, and writings in the North Carolina woods. Here’s a little “behind-the-scenes” video about that experience from the road. For more information about the retreat center:



  1. Thanks very much, Fr. Dan, for your words and photo shots of the retreat center outside Greensboro, NC. It looks lovely and very inviting. I’ll add it to my “Wish List” of places to visit. I’m writing this on Gaudete Sunday and I hope it’s a good one for you today.

  2. Thank you for your vblog (I am guessing that is the right name). I enjoyed your posting. Times for retreat, days of recollection; these have always been important for my spiritual life. Some experiences have been more intense than others, but all have been valuable. As a Franciscan, I have been blessed to been to some Franciscan retreat houses, some sadly have closed. In the early eighties, I tested a vocation with OFM-HNP. So I have been at St. Bonaventure’s in Patterson NJ, and St. Francis Retreat Ctr at Rye Beach NH. When I became an SFO in Massachusetts, we had several retreats and chapters at the IC Province retreat center in Andover, MA. Sadly, they are closed, gone, but not forgotten.

  3. Br. Horan jut ran into your blog on your retreat in Greensboro and happy to see you like North Carolina. Were I live in Asheville we’re located in the Appalachians mountains, 400 million years old and counting. Behind me is a mountain that I hike and in that hike there’s a sense of isolation but connection, of beauty yet fear, fragility and strength , light and darkness and in all those senses here is where I personally see and feel God . Awesome experience!
    I hope and pray one day you bring us your light to our Basilica of St. Lawrence. Pax et Bonum

  4. So happy to see you liked the retreat in Greensboro and that you liked North Carolina. I live in Asheville in the Appalachian mountains which are 400 million years old and counting. Behind where I live there’s a mountain which I hike and when I’m on that hike I can sense the isolation but connection, beauty yet fear, light and darkness, fragility and strength and with all those components stimulating your senses you can feel and see God. I hope and pray that one day you would be able to bring your light to our Basilica of St. Lawrence and bless us. Pax et Bonum

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