UnderstandingEvery Tuesday this year, since September 2015, we have released a new installment of the video series Understanding Laudato Si. The launch of this online and free series was a response to an overwhelming number of requests on the part of people around the United States who expressed interest in learning more about Pope Francis’s encyclical letter, but felt there were too few public resources available.

After three months, we’ve now reached the release of the penultimate video in the series: Episode 13 — “Things Must Change.” In this episode we look at the first four subsections of Chapter 6 of Laudato Si. Here we see Pope Francis’s call for real personal and communal change in lifestyle, the need for education that includes the transcendent as a goal, and the joy and peace that results from true ecological conversion. Stay tuned for next week’s final episode in the series!

All of the Understanding Laudato Si episodes available so far:

Episode 01 — “Models of Creation”

Episode 02 — “Situating Laudato Si

Episode 03 — “What is Happening to our Common Home?”

Episode 04 — “Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor”

Episode 05 — “Back to the ‘Beginning'”

Episode 06 — “A Universal Communion”

Episode 07 — “The ‘Technocratic Paradigm'”

Episode 08 — “Human Responsibility”

Episode 09 — “Integral Ecology”

Episode 10 — “Intergenerational Solidarity”

Episode 11 — “Dialogue in Moving Forward”

Episode 12 — “Politics, Economy, and Science”

Episode 13 — “Things Must Change”

Watch the latest episode right here:



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