UnderstandingI send this note out from the West Coast of the United States – Santa Barbara, California to be specific – where I have the privilege to lead a retreat this week on Thomas Merton. Not only is it wonderful to be in such a beautiful location, but also the organizers of the retreat have arranged for me to stay in the very room where Merton stayed when he visited here, La Casa de Maria, back in 1968 on his way to Alaska and then Asia. Because of limited Internet access and the time-zone difference, this video was a little late being released this morning. But I hope that it’s better late than never, as the expression goes.

In this latest episode of Understanding Laudato Si, we explore the first half of Chapter Three. The two subheadings of Chapter Three examined here include the themes of: (A) Technology: Creativity and Power; and (B) The Globalization of the Technocratic Paradigm. Stay tuned for next week’s episode in which we will explore the second half of Chapter Three!

All of the Understanding Laudato Si episodes available so far:

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Episode 03 — “What is Happening to our Common Home?”

Episode 04 — “Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor”

Episode 05 — “Back to the ‘Beginning'”

Episode 06 — “A Universal Communion”

Episode 07 — “The ‘Technocratic Paradigm'”

Preview Trailer for “Understanding Laudato Si”



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