CarShot_Erie_2015Check out this new video for a behind-the-scenes look at my visit to Erie, PA last week to lead a retreat for the priests of the Catholic Diocese of Erie. In addition to a look at the stunning scenery of the conference and retreat center where the event was held, the video contains an impromptu reflection while driving to the airport includes discussion of Franciscan itinerancy, the blessing and sometimes challenge of ministry on the road, and news about his upcoming return to Erie, PA this week for events at Mercyhurst University.

For the record, there was no distraction or danger in this recording beyond what one would have driving talking to a passenger. The camera used on the dashboard has no screen and is small enough to fit entirely in your hand. The experience of recording this was just what you see: as if I were talking through the windshield and directly to the road ahead of me.

I’ll try to post additional videos beyond the new “Understanding Laudato Si” series when possible, including some more ‘behind the scenes’ looks at life and ministry. Enjoy!


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