Horan SpeakingWell, I’m back!

You might have noticed that this blog has been quiet for the last few months. The primary reason for the infrequent postings and general slowdown around here had to do with the final preparation for and completion of my doctoral comprehensive exams. In addition to sacramental ministry, lecturing, directing retreats, and writing, I’m also working on a PhD in theology at Boston College. Many of you know that a major component of such a degree program in the humanities is the comprehensive (or qualifying) exams, which usually require months of preparation and then require several days or weeks (at once or spread over time, depending on the university) of writing and oral defense. I’m happy to report that despite some of the worst winter weather Boston has ever witnessed, which lead to several delays (and additional stress) throughout the administering of my comprehensive exams, that portion of my work on this degree is now successfully over.

I had deliberately refrained from accepting invitations to speak or travel during the last month and a half before the scheduled exams so that I could focus on this work. Now that this is over, it’s time to get back to some of my other ministerial work, including speaking events. I’m happy to share with you the 2015 events schedule so far and highlight a few of the upcoming events. In the next couple weeks I’ll be in Boston, Pensacola, Ontario, and Los Angeles.

Boston, MA — Thursday February 26, 2015
Lenten Talk and Book Signing
“The Last Words of Jesus: A New Look at Lent”
St. Anthony Shrine & Ministry Center

Pensacola, FL — Saturday February 28 — Wednesday March 5, 2015
Lenten Parish Retreat
St. John the Evangelist Parish

London, Ontario (Canada) — Thursday March 12, 2015
Invited Lecture
“Connecting Faith to Spirituality in the Digital Age: A Franciscan Perspective”
King’s University College, Western University

Los Angeles, CA — Friday March 13 — Sunday March 15, 2015
Two Workshops and Book Signing
Los Angeles Religious Education Congress

These are just a sampling of the upcoming events with more throughout the year (you can see all upcoming public events listed here: Speaking Schedule 2015).

One of the great blessings of the ministry and work I do as a Franciscan friar and theologian is the opportunity to travel, meet, speak with, and get to know so many different and wonderful people! This is one dimension of the Franciscan charism called itinerancy, which means traveling from place to place so as to not get too comfortable in one location. Francis of Assisi saw the value of being with people from all walks of life and the importance of bringing the message of the Gospel to them in person. I see this as just one way I can help continue that tradition today.

Looking forward to hitting the road again and meeting so many of you! Hope to see you sometime this year!


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  1. Fr. Daniel, congratulations on passing your comp exam. Now comes, as you know, the hard part: the dissertation. But I’m sure you will have no problem with that. Glad to see you re sharing you thoughts and faith with your various speaking engagements. God bless you.

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