ClothedMe.Cover_.Full_-e1372305936491Last year a new book was released titled, “Hungry, And You Fed Me,” which was the first of a three-volume project titled “Homilists for the Homeless” intended to cover all three of the liturgical years (the first covered readings from Year C). The project, edited by Deacon Jim Knipper, was to collect a variety of homilies and reflections on the Sunday readings for the entire year from a number of different contributors — women and men, ordained and lay, Catholic and Protestant. The result was an award-winning book that serves a great cause, because all proceeds go to support several not-for-profit organizations in the New Jersey area that directly serve the homeless (a full list and description of these are below).

I’m excited to announce the release of the second volume (Year A) titled, “Naked, And You Clothed Me.” This volume covers the Sunday and Solemnity readings for the liturgical year that begins on the First Sunday of Advent this year and continues through next Fall. It really is an exciting book and project. As you can tell from the diverse and talented list of contributors, the “Homilists for the Homeless” group has grown from last year and includes some really amazing writers, ministers, and preachers. It also includes me. Although I might not be amazing like the rest of these writers, I am nevertheless honored to have been invited to contribute to this book and delighted to help spread the word about it. Please consider ordering a copy by visiting This book is not available through Amazon or the other more common commercial means — the intention is that the by having fewer “middle men,” each of whom would necessarily take a cut of the profits along the way, we could allow the most money possible to go to the service organizations.

Contributors include:

The organizations that benefit are:

Bethesda Project began in 1979 when Father Domenic Rossi and members of his prayer group from Daylesford Abbey in Paoli, Pennsylvania, reached out to a group of women experiencing homelessness in Center City, Philadelphia. With the image of a caring family as their model, their greatest strength is in building long-term, trusting relationships with the most vulnerable among the homeless. Now after more than 30 years, Bethesda Project remains committed to their initial calling—to find and care for the abandoned poor and to be family with those who have none.

Dress for Success Mercer County promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support, and the career development tools to help them thrive in work and in life. Finding work is only one step in a woman’s journey towards economic independence; remaining employed and building a rewarding career are essential if a woman is to become self-sufficient.

HomeFront began over 22 years ago when a pediatrician took notice of the bleak welfare motels, then dotting the highway leading into Trenton, NJ, where homeless families were crowded into single rooms. They had no food, and just the clothes on their back. And this one person decided to do what she could to fix it and since that day, HomeFront has done that, first by providing hot meals and organizing volunteers to get food and clothes to these families. With the help of well-trained staff and dedicated volunteers, HomeFront has grown to a multi-site organization with a comprehensive slate of programs. Their mission is to end homelessness in Central New Jersey.

Newborns in Need, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charity organized to take care of needy babies. Their volunteers provide care necessities such as blankets, sleepers, diapers, hats, and booties to agencies and hospitals serving premature, ill, or impoverished newborns. Newborns In Need distributes items free of charge to babies in the United States. Founded upon Christian principles of love and acceptance, NIN has provided essential items without charge to those in need since 1992.

Homilies Homeless



  1. What a wonderful trilogy! And what a wonderful blessing that you are included for us and for the publishers! And just in time for Christmas! I’m thrilled that you have brought this trilogy to our/my attention — my friends with the Adirondack camp on Lake Champlain have everything they need, but this sounds like a wonderful addition to my friend’s parents library — her mom has an MA in theology and I’m sure she’ll love it!

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