SLCover_2013Even as I’m out of town to record the audio version of another of my forthcoming books, I’m delighted to share with all of you the exciting news that a collaborative project between my friend and campus minister Julianne E. Wallace and me has just been released! This book, Spirit and Life: A Franciscan Guide for Spiritual Reflection, is the result of many years of research, development, and trial uses “in the field” with campus ministry groups, parishes, and individuals, this Franciscan guide for spiritual reflection is the first of its kind and has already been incredibly well received! Below you’ll find more information as well as advance praise for Spirit and Life from college campus ministers, non-profit organization leaders, and experts in the areas of social justice and ministry. Currently, the book is available from, but within the next few weeks it will be available at Barnes & Noble, from your local bookstore, and through the major book distributors. Check this exciting new resource out today!!

Spirit and Life: A Franciscan Guide for Spiritual Reflection
(Koinonia Press, 2013)
co-authored with Julianne E. Wallace
ISBN: 978-0615781167
Paperback: 118 pages
List Price: $6.99

Book Description

In Spirit and Life you will discover a book that is a reflection guide, a personal journal, an inspirational collection of prayers, and a scriptural resource rooted in Franciscan spirituality and theology. Designed to highlight the spirituality of solidarity that grounds the Christian faith and guides the Franciscan tradition, Spirit and Life is the first tool of its kind! It is a guide for spiritual reflection perfect for students, parishioners, and individuals seeking to deepen their faith, discern God’s call in their lives, and faciliate discussion about the experience of direct service and immersion trips. This book is intended for use by facilitators and participants alike, everything you need in one place!

Where to Purchase the Book (and available formats)

From [Paperback]

From Barnes & Noble [Paperback]

And wherever books and other media are sold! Ask your local bookseller to stock it today!

Editorial Reviews

Spirit and Life is great gift to all those who facilitate immersion experiences. Those new to the work will benefit from the theologically sound, sequential, tested, and thoroughly adaptable structure; experienced practitioners will be blessed by the rich collection of prayers, Scripture readings, reflection questions, and thoughtfully selected texts from the Franciscan tradition. Spirit and Life is an extraordinary resource. It will serve as a significant contribution to this important work for years to come.”
— MICHAEL LOVETTE-COLYER, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President and Director of University Ministry, University of San Diego

Spirit and Life is an invaluable resource for any minister leading service experiences. It masterfully uses scripture to help participants connect the life of Christ to their experiences and threads Franciscan spirituality throughout in a gentle, inviting, and utterly compelling way.”
— SUSAN HAARMAN, Faith and Justice Campus Minister, Loyola University Chicago

“This resource is a rich, compelling, and eminently usable guide for any ‘pilgrim’ on an immersion-style experience. The authors offer the Franciscan tradition as a powerful framework for an encounter with poverty, an experience of service, or simply a journey in community. I have no doubt that many students (and teachers alike!) will benefit from the rituals, reflections, and challenging questions found in this guide to the spirituality of solidarity.”
— DAVID GOLEMBOSKI, Chair of the Board, Witness for Peace

“Dan and Julianne provide us with a unique creation: a process for people in any experience, meeting each person where he or she is, fostering prayerful reflection, inviting growth, and leading to solidarity. This resource encourages making immersion experiences more than a onetime encounter. Here, the value of integrating immersion experiences into our lives is celebrated and demonstrated to bolster relationships with God and with those once considered ‘Other’ now known to be Sister and Brother.”
— KATIE SULLIVAN, Executive Director, Franciscan Volunteer Ministry

“Horan and Wallace provide a simple, but inclusive method for spiritual reflection in the Franciscan tradition. The text, intended for college-age students who have participated in or will participate in a period of immersion in impoverished areas, provides a very usable format to internalize the lived experience. Each reflection includes quiet and community prayer, both a scripture reading and a reading from the Franciscan sources as well as time and space for written reflection and group sharing.”
— SR. MARGARET KLOTZ, O.S.F., Director of the Franciscan Center, Cardinal Stritch University

Spirit and Life is something that every campus minister should not only have on their shelves but use for every service experience they plan. As someone who created a reflection guide for a weekend service trip I know how important it is to have theological reflection as a part of every service experience no matter what the age of the participants. Now I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I will gladly and enthusiastically use this guide and buy it for all my college students.  Spirit and Life will be a resource and time capsule of each experience that I take with my college students. And for young adults, it will be something they will return to again and again. It will remind them of the experience they had and also of how they felt and where God was in the midst of it all. St. Francis is so accessible to people so even those that do not have a background in Franciscan Studies as I do will appreciate and come to know more about this popular saint.  A true gem. “
— COURTNEY HULL, Campus Minister, Mansfield University



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