“There are people who write and there are real writers, who have to write, no matter what the obstacles and how seemingly interminable the list of rejections. Tom was one of the latter.” — Naomi Burton Stone, the literary agent and friend of Thomas Merton, in her memoir.



  1. Thomas Merton was a man of enormous intellect and prescience…a prophet in our time who, like the prophets of old, knew that much of what he said fell on deaf ears. For so many, however, his words took root and changed their lives.
    He may be the most quoted religious writer of our time. His writings are for everyone, for all times. His legacy is incalculable.

    Let us not err and make of him a god. He was not a god. He was a man who saw things as they were and, through his God-given gifts, was able to show us where we were and where we were headed as a society. Those who have read some of his more personal writings, and a few who knew him intimattely, have attested to the
    temptations and angst that were part of his life as they are for all

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