cross-aboutWhile the attention of the world is, for better or worse, focused on the great city of Boston in recent days due to the tragedies surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday, I thought it might be nice to share with you the Franciscan Campaign Video that was recently released on YouTube. Each year St. Anthony Shrine in Boston, a church and ministry center founded and staffed by Franciscan friars of Holy Name Province (my province) in the heart of downtown Boston. The work that the friars, the staff, and the hundreds of volunteers do each day is absolutely amazing. Lives are impacted for the better each and every day there and I’m incredibly proud of my brother friars and our staff and volunteer colleagues with whom we are all partners in ministry.

When we are faced with the challenge of seeing good amidst the violence and sadness of a time like this week in Boston, it’s good to remember the quiet and dedicated work of the church that continues despite the disruption of the ordinary. Take some time to watch this little video, which — in my opinion — is excellently produced.  It will give you just a small sense of what we Franciscans and our partners in ministry do each and everyday in Boston. If you are able, perhaps you might consider supporting the campaign too, but either way, it’s a heartening sign of God’s work in ministry no less.  Plus, if you pay attention, you might see the recognizable face of a presider during one of the liturgies that is shown in the background at different points in the video!


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