earthGreetings from the road! I’m away for a series of speaking engagements (with a few days of actual ‘Spring vacation’ with my brother friars in New York) this week, so posts here have been slow — thanks for your patience. In the meantime, I’ve been doing a lot of work on the subject of creation and wanted to share two very powerful quotes that I have been thinking about and that are well-worth our prayerful reflection, especially as (God-willing) we move from Winter into Spring. Peace and good!

“We need to fathom that the human species is embedded as an intrinsic, interdependent part of the magnificence of this universe, not as lords of the manor but kin in the community of life, charged with being sisters and brothers, friends and lovers, mothers and fathers, priests and prophets, cocreators and children of the earth that is God’s good creation.”

— Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ

“I believe that this kinship model is the essential foundation of a truly ecological theology of human beings in relation to other creatures. It challenges the model of domination and exploitation. Adopting the kinship model demands a form of conversion. It involves a new way of seeing and acting. It involves extending the love of neighbor to embrace creatures of other species. It involves extending the love of enemy to creatures that confront us as other and inspire fear in us. It involves loving and valuing others as God loves and values them. Ultimately, it is a God-centered (theocentric) view of an interconnected community of creatures that have their own intrinsic value.”

— Denis Edwards



  1. Johnson and Edwards say it all — or most of it anyway. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Have a good few days vacation.

    I live in Albany and have taken courses at Siena — your old stomping grounds!

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