The Assumptionist Center, a community run by the Augustinians of the Assumption, hosts a monthly community event called Conversations at the Center that features a speaker who discusses some aspect of his or her work or ministry and then leads an informal discussion about that topic. I have the joy of being the speaker on Sunday November 4th. Asked to talk about Franciscan spirituality, the topic about which I’ll speaking is: “The Basics of Franciscan Spirituality: Prayer as Relationship.” Here is the description as advertised:

Francis of Assisi remains one of the most popular saints in all of Christian history, drawing admiration and providing inspiration for millions of Christians and non-Christians alike for more-than eight-hundred years. While most people are somewhat familiar with certain aspects of St. Francis’s history, experiences, and even writings, few are well-versed in what is generally called “Franciscan Spirituality.” Beginning with the life and writings of the poverello (“little poor man” from Assisi), the tradition of spirituality in the Franciscan family has grown and expanded over hundreds of years. What are some of the ways in which the insights, model, and tradition of the Saint from Assisi carry onward in those who would come after Francis in the following centuries? How might we benefit from this unique Franciscan Spirituality in our own lives of prayer, study, and ministry? This Conversation at the Center will focus on just a few elements of the rich tradition of Franciscan Spirituality for reflection and discussion, offering several basics that center on the Franciscan notion of prayer as relationship.

For more information, you can download this PDF information sheet. Hope to see you there!

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