Dating God Podcast #18 — Young Adults and ‘Hungering and Thirsting for Justice’

In this episode of the podcast we are joined by Lacey Louwagie and Kate Ward who discuss their new book Hungering and Thirsting for Justice: Real-Life Stories by Young Adult Catholics (ACTA Publications, 2012). Kate, a PhD student at Boston College in theological ethics joined Dan in the department, while Lacey participated in the discussion by telephone. They share a bit about their own backgrounds, their commitments to the Church, social justice, and writing. Additionally, we get to hear about the book itself, its origin, and a little about what readers can find inside.

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2 Responses to “Dating God Podcast #18 — Young Adults and ‘Hungering and Thirsting for Justice’”

  1. […] word “justice,” which, apparently, is just too controversial. (A similar thread came up in Kate’s and my interview with Daniel Horan.) It made me realize again how lucky we were to work with ACTA Publications, who not only plastered […]

  2. […] to learn more about the book and our journey to publication, Lacey and I talked about it on the Dating God podcast (thanks Dan!) and I spoke about the book on the Matthew Filipowicz Show, whose host also […]

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