You may have already noticed that my latest book, Francis of Assisi and the Future of Faith (Tau Publishing, 2012) has just become available for pre-order from the publisher. It should be shipping very shortly! I just received the first copy by mail and have to say that it looks great. But because you can’t really trust the author for unbiased information about his own book, check out what some other authors and scholars had to say about it! As always, you can learn more about this book and others at

“In Dan Horan’s new book, we are introduced not to a decorative saint who got on well with birds but a man who shook the foundations of medieval Europe and who — along with other key figures of the early Franciscan movement — still challenges us today.” —Jim Forest, author, All Is Grace: A Biography of Dorothy Day

“As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of that great Council, Friar-Author Dan Horan opens the doors of the Church which for his generation is ‘today,’ not ‘tomorrow!’ Fr. Horan is particularly adept at translating the importance of a Franciscan approach for today’s “digital natives.” His voice is sure to capture the attention of contemporaries and create a bridge for older readers who know themselves to be strangers to this new way of learning and knowing.” — Margaret Carney, OSF, STD, president, St. Bonaventure University

“In a style that is both scholarly and highly readable, he brilliantly uncovers and elucidates the “foolish” wisdom of Franciscans as it is lived and voiced first of all in St. Francis and then as it is perpetuated and developed in significant Franciscan thinkers and saints from the Middle Ages to the present Millennial generation…The depth and range of this book makes it an indispensable source for how the Franciscan spiritual and intellectual tradition has been lived and voiced in the past and a blueprint for how it can be lived at the beginning of the 21st Century.” — Murray Bodo, OFM, author, Francis: The Journey and the Dream

“With a great spirit of prayer and devotion, Horan helps us discover how Francis of Assisi is anything but the patron of those who are spiritual but not religious, spiritual but not theological. Rather, Horan gives us sound spirituality and theology grounded in the perennially relevant and popular Franciscan tradition. Past speaks to the present and guides us into the future. Francis and Anthony both would be pleased.” — Mary Stommes, editor, Give Us This Day: Daily Prayer for Today’s Catholic

“Dan offers a renewed appreciation for this spiritual master whose teachings remain relevant almost 800 years after his death. With the vision of St. Francis, Dan Horan challenges people of all ages to embrace a spirit of poverty in a culture where consumerism reigns, forgive our enemies in a world that advocates revenge, speak a message of peace when gun violence terrorizes our cities and streets, and preach the gospel at all times … online and in real time. This is truly Franciscan spirituality for our times at its finest!” —Beth Knobbe, author, Party of One: Living Single with Faith, Purpose, and Passion


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