Check out this little publication, the most recent release by Daniel P. Horan, OFM, titled Franciscan Priesthood: The Possibility of Franciscan Presbyters According to the Rule and Tradition. It is a short booklet that offers a scholarly view of the relationship between the ecclesial identity of ordained ministers within the Roman Catholic Church and their vocation as Franciscan friars in the Order of Friars Minor. Here is the description from “The relationship between the Franciscan vocation to live as friars minor and the ministerial call to serve the church and world as ordained presbyters has always been a complicated, if at times divisive, subject to explore. This short book explores the foundation for the possibility of ordained priests in the Order of Friars Minor from the perspective of the Rule (Regula Bullata) and the Franciscan historical tradition. It originated as a response to an article by another Franciscan with a very different perspective and now is made available for a broader audience to continue informed discussion about ordained ministry, the Franciscan tradition, and the role of religious orders in the world and Church.”

For those interested in a little more information, here is the Table of Contents:

  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface to This Edition
  • Introduction
  • Vatican II and Postconciliar Scholarship on the Religious Presbyter
  • Returning to the Foundation of the Franciscan Movement
  • Chapter V of the Regula Bullata and the Ministerial Priesthood
  • Conclusion: Where Do We Go From Here?
  • About the Author

This book is currently available in both Paperback ($4.95) and for the Amazon Kindle ($2.95). For those who are Amazon Prime members, the Kindle edition of Franciscan Priesthood is available for free as part of the Amazon Prime loan service (certain Kindle books are made available to borrow if you’re a Prime member, I believe Prime members get a certain monthly allotment of free Kindle books on loan).

I hope you enjoy this book and it sparks additional conversation about the role of ordained ministry within the Franciscan family, religious orders more broadly, and in the larger church.


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