Special Labor Day Edition of the Dating God Podcast!

This is a special “Labor Day” edition of the Dating God Podcast that features Daniel P. Horan, OFM, discussing (1) a Franciscan approach to Labor Day and the role that work had in the Franciscan spiritual tradition, beginning with Francis of Assisi; and (2) his new book, Franciscan Priesthood: The Possibility of Franciscan Presbyters According to the Rule and Tradition (Check it out on Amazon.com: Paperback and Kindle). Enjoy this episode of the podcast while enjoying this day dedicated to work and workers!

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One Response to “Special Labor Day Edition of the Dating God Podcast!”

  1. […] Catholic social teaching, as is well known, has a long tradition of supporting workers and unions.  Almost every pope over the past one hundred years and every bishops’ conference in the world has strongly affirmed the church’s commitment to workers, their right to unionize, the moral obligation to provide a fair wage, and the obligations of government to protect these rights. Church movements like the young Christian worker movement and the movements of labor priests are working to serve the pastoral and social needs of working men and women. Theologians, like Fr. Dan Horan, OFM, see strong spiritual insights in labor.  […]

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