My brother friars who staff St. Anthony Parish in Camden, NJ, have recently produced a short video titled “Camden? Who Would Come Into Camden?” that highlights some of the many, life-giving and spirit-nourishing ministries and outreach programs at the parish. For those who don’t know, Camden has been frequently ranked among the most violent cities in the United States and continues to struggle as a community to find stability, fight poverty, and maintain peace. Fr. Jud Weiksnar, OFM, the pastor, and the other friars who live and minister in Camden, have done some amazing things in terms of community organizing (which, for those convinced that such a reality doesn’t exist because of political maligning, just take a look at the way the friars have brought people together in the community for peace walks, park cleanup, outreach to the poor, support in various ways, etc.) and developing a spiritual and physical safe place — a real sanctuary — for the poor and marginalized in Camden.

Below is the video, which I encourage you to watch (it’s only three-minutes long) and see the joy and spirit of the friars and the broader community. To learn more about St. Anthony Parish in Camden, visit and, if you’re able, consider assisting the community in sustaining their ministries with a donation. Even if you’re unable to assist financially, please keep them in your prayers and spread the word about the good work of the Gospel in action! There is indeed good reason to go into Camden!

Photo: St. Anthony Parish, Camden, NJ

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  1. I hadn’t seen that video, thanks for sharing it. I was born and raised in Camden and my mom still goes to St Joes Parish in Camden. Camden does get a bad wrap but it has great people. I really think Jesus is hard at work in Camden. All of America\’s social and economic problems are magnified in Camden. I worry that the rest of country is becoming like Camden unless America\’s improves its social and economic justice. God bless the hard work of the Franciscans in Camden.

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