For those who are using digital devices like the iPad, Kindle, or Nook, and are looking for something new to consider for a monthly dose of contemporary spirituality, faith, and culture, check out the new digital magazine: Liberty+Vine! The tagline of the new monthly publication is “at the intersection of faith and life,” and the idea is that this might serve as a relatable and insightful resource for people of faith, at various stages on their spiritual journeys, looking for inspiration and nourishment, with a healthy dose of real-world culture and entertainment to boot (think Relevant magazine from a Catholic publisher — Relevant is another publication I recommend checking out).

Here’s what the editors have to say on the site about Liberty+Vine:

We love God and we’re trying to be better people in our faith lives, professional lives, and family lives. We understand that even people of faith are seekers, because no one has all the answers all the time.

Like you, we want to understand the world more fully and be better citizens of it. We cherish the gifts we’ve been given and we strive to love and appreciate others in a way that reflects our values…

Our hope is that by reading Liberty + Vine each month, you’ll find some common ground, new ideas, and moments of inspiration. Wherever you are on your personal road, Liberty + Vine wants to meet you there and invite you to join us on the journey+

Check it out today and get a free sample from the current issue.



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