As the sun rises on this Summer Tuesday morning, the following prayer by Edward Hays from his collection Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim (Forest of Peace/Ave Maria Press) seem to reflect a sense of connectedness to the rest of creation that we might identity as aligning with the spirit of St. Francis. In fact, Hays has something of a love for Francis of Assisi and has, in addition to a number of books on prayer, penned a novel based on the life of Francis titled, The Passionate Troubadour: A Medieval Novel about Francis of Assisi. Here is a portion of his prayer service for a Tuesday morning during the Summer months. You might find that it is a helpful guide for morning prayer each day during the week.

Opening Prayer
I bow before you, my hidden but beloved God,
as I begin this day.
An alarm rings in my heart to awaken me to the fact
that I am a pilgrim who travels a sacred path.
I now answer that call to mindfulness,
as I prepare to enter into silent prayer.
I join myself with all who are in prayer at this sacred hour
when the Earth once again faces its source of life, the sun.
I now turn fully to face you, O God,
the source of the universe and of my life,
as I enter into silence. (pause for silent prayer).

With fidelity I have tried to sill my restless heart in you,
the divine source of all that I am.
May this effort bear fruit by my living more fully in the
present moment this day.
I join my voice to all the awakening sounds of the Earth
at this hour, as I pray. (reflect on a chosen passage of scripture)

Concluding Prayer
This summer day is growing warmer
as we turn to face the fullness of our daystar, the sun.
Plants, animals, and we human folk are all solar-powered
in the marvel of your clever creation.
May this morning prayer give me the energy
to act at all times this day with love and kindness.
May I treat each person and each living being as a
brother or sister, as a member of your sacred family.

I pray now for these personal needs: (offer intentions), and
for the special needs this day of (n.).
May the business of this Tuesday never eclipse my real work
as a pilgrim on the sacred path.

Open my eyes and ears to the miracles you have hidden
along my path this day.
Let my mind find its joy in the present moment,
the only place where you dwell.

I bow before you, Divine Father, Holy Mother,
Eternal Source of my existence.
Your heart is my home;
from you I have come
and to you I journey this day.

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