So, here’s a shot of my first and only experience “modeling” (a term used rather loosely here) on the occasion of the annual St. Francis of Assisi Parish “Annual Fashion Show Fundraiser.” It’s really a fun afternoon that brings in some 250-300 people to enjoy the scenery of a beautiful ocean-side setting called the Bonnet Island Estate, enjoy delicious catered food, participate in a number of raffles that offer numerous and exquisite donated prizes, and see the “big event” — a fashion show that features clothing from several Long Beach Island clothiers. Nearly all the models are women (most of the attendants are also women) including several Franciscan Sisters who work at the parish, but there are also a handful of men modeling men’s fashions from “Sink ‘R Swim” clothing store…these men were the Franciscan Friars of the parish! Including your’s truly.

The event is a lot of fun and we get to wear clothes that have been selected for us in advance (we have to be fitted a week or so prior to the event) by someone who has a fashion sense (most friars, as you might imagine, do not). We model two outfits, a more “casual” getup for the hors d’oeuvres portion of the afternoon, and then a more “formal” outfit for the runway. Below is a shot that a parishioner in attendance took of me on the runway sporting a full Ralph Lauren outfit. It just goes to show you what the friars are willing to do to entertain their parishioners (and raise money for the church!). And, if you’re wondering, no we don’t get to keep the clothes…just imagine if we did — me in that bow tie more often, ha!


Photo: Rita Kostopoulos


  1. Dan, Can’t see the shoes – penny loafers, no socks?

    I would never recognize you in that outfit. Hmm, would you want to be recognized in that outfit!

  2. Congratulations to you for doing this! Quite a change though from the Franciscan brown. Looks like it was a fun time.

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