If you haven’t heard by now, the St. Bonaventure University Men’s basketball team has made it to the Atlantic-10 (A10) Conference tournament championship! One of the advantages of having a blog is that you can hijack your own website now and then to cheer on and promote your alma mater. It has been an awesome season for both the Women and Men’s teams at SBU, a well-deserved and greatly appreciated comeback after ten years of very, very difficult times (google the SBU basketball scandal of 2002-2003 to catch up if you don’t know what I’m talking about). The Women Bonnies ended the regular NCAA season ranked #16 in the nation, the smallest team to reach that distinction this season, the only A10 team for either women or men to be nationally ranked for most of the season (until Temple’s Men entered the top 25 in the last weeks of regular play), and the first time in SBU history (the women have been playing since the mid-1980s) that they’ve reached that national status. They are sure to get an at-large bid to the “Big Dance” tomorrow evening during the Women’s NCAA Tournament selection process — stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, the Bonaventure Men have been taking Atlantic City by storm! Despite some tough losses during the regular season, the Bonnies were able to hold on and get a first-round bye in the A10 Tourney this weekend, earning a #4 seed in the bracket. They’ve won at both the quarter- and semi-final levels and earned a place at the Conference Championship game TODAY! At 1:00 pm on CBS watch the St. Bonaventure Bonnies take on the Xavier Musketeers for the A10 title and an automatic bid to the NCAA Tourney.

This is, by the way, the only Franciscan school left in post-season play! Regardless of how things shake out in Atlantic City this afternoon, the Bonnies Men will have some post-season play in the NIT tournament, so either way there is much to celebrate. Credit is owed to Coach Mark Schmidt and his team of Bonnies who are simply excellent!  They make this SBU alum (and thousands more) very proud to be a Bonnie.  The star of the team — the A10 Player of the Year — Andrew Nicholson only played 25 mins of the last game, yet the Bonnies (in part thanks to #11 D. Congar, in photo above) were able to clinch the W. Hopefully Nicholson and the rest of the Bonnies are able to play well, play hard and play proudly this afternoon — tune in!


Photo: AP


  1. Thanks, Jared! That means a lot, especially coming from a fellow mendicant-school alum — hopefully we can get some of your fellow Providence alums to cheer for their Franciscan sisters and brothers! Go Bonas!

    1. Absolutely, Br. Dan! I spent two summers at the Franciscan Institute and have always loved everything about St. Bonaventure.

      1. Dan–I am a regular on Providence College discussion boards and there is a lot of excitement among many fans for our “sister school”. I am totally psyched and changed my profile photo on facebook to show my support. St. Bonaventure has always been close to my heart. Go Bonnies!

  2. I hope they put Olean, the southern tier of western NY, on the Map! I grew up about 50 miles from there…great area.

  3. As a SBU alum I am looking forward to a great game today and hoping for a win. I have great memories of the greatest team in Bonnies history with the Stith brothers, Bob McCully, Fred Crowford, and Whitey Martin who were one/two with Ohio State with Lucas, Knight, Halvechk etc. They were neck and neck until Stith and Crowford got TB.
    Those were the last of the glory days until now.

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