Last night I gave a talk at the Chapel and Culture Center of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY, to a wonderful crowd of people from a diverse set of backgrounds and ages. The evening, part of a five-week speaker series for Lent, began with liturgy, included a vegetarian pot-luck dinner and ended with a lecture and questions. I spoke about the notion of the Church as the ‘Body of Christ’ in a digital age (the title of the talk was: “The Digital Christ: Communion in a Technological Era”). The coordinator of the Lenten speaker series, Fr. Ed Kacerguis, the pastor of the Catholic campus ministry at RPI, contacted me last Summer inviting me to be one of this Lent’s speakers. One of the reasons he wanted me to come and speak about spirituality, faith and technology was because of this blog ( During one of the questions in the Q&A portion of the evening after the talk, I was asked about which blogs I read or might recommend. Immediately I thought of three — although there are dozens more that could and should be included. These three blogs are all written by extraordinarily bright young theologians and religious. All three of these blogs are collaborative efforts, written by graduate students or religious in their late 20s or early 30s. If you want to see how the Church is intelligently reflecting on questions of faith, theology, spirituality and contemporary culture, check these out.

1. Women in Theology — Written by friends of mine who are graduate students at several of the top doctoral programs for theology in the United States. They write from various social locations, but aim to present their theological and cultural refections from a feminist theological commitment.

2. Daily Theology — Also written by a group of young theological graduate students and junior faculty members, many of whom are also personal friends of mine, this is one of the newest endeavors in the Catholic theological blog world. and Women in Theology have been around a little longer, but Daily Theology is indeed catching up in attention and content. They’ve recently added a few new contributors that totally rock — keep an eye on this site!

3. The Jesuit Post — This is perhaps the newest (and the most buzz-generating) of this list. The Jesuit Post is a creative new endeavor of the young United States Jesuits all over the country. They write both longer and shorter pieces that seek to intelligently engage culture, faith, theology, philosophy and entertainment. Check them out too!

My sincerest apologies for all the other blogs that did not get included in the three above — this is by no means a contest or an exhaustive list. You can look to the links on the right-hand side of the home page of for a fuller list of the rocking blogs and websites I highly recommend.



  1. Was impressed with the well-proposed article on The Jesuit Post, and look forward to reading Theology Daily, I will remain charitable for WIT. Peace to ALL

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