I recently came across this new journal, The Journal of Moral Theology, that bears a great deal of promise. It’s inaugural issue, out this January, contains essays by some of the most prominent Catholic moral theologians and ethicists in the United States (Including, for example, James Keenan SJ, David Hollenbach SJ, Lisa Sowle Cahill, and others). David Matzko McCarthy, the editor of the first volume, offers an introductory essay explaining the new journal’s provenance and aim in a piece titled, “Moral Theology in the Ruins: Introducing the Journal of Moral Theology.” The journal’s homepage (where you can currently download PDF versions of the first issue’s essays free of charge as well as subscribe to the print edition) includes this description of the journal:

The JMT focuses on Catholic moral theology.  It is concerned with contemporary issues as well as our deeply rooted tradition of inquiry about the moral life. JMT’s mission is to publish scholarly articles in the field of moral theology, as well as theological treatments of related topics in philosophy, economics, political philosophy, and psychology.

The JMT is sponsored by the Fr. James M. Forker Professorship of Catholic Social Teaching and the College of Liberal Arts at Mount St. Mary’s University.

The next issue, due out in June 2012, has as its theme “Love,” and includes contributions (as listed on its website) from more leading moral theologians, including from some younger voices in the field such as William Mattison III of Catholic University and Margaret Pfeil of the University of Notre Dame.

I suggest you take a look at the Journal of Moral Theology and, for at least the time being, enjoy the free access to its contents. Hopefully this hybrid online/print format will allow the publication to flourish and continue long into the future.


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