Hello fans of DatingGod.org! No post here today, instead I want to share a link to my guest post over at the AmericanCatholic.org blog. The post is titled, “What Do You Get God for Valentine’s Day?” Here’s an excerpt, enjoy!

Does God like chocolates? Would a dozen roses make God feel special? What is it that you get God for Valentine’s Day?

If these question appear silly, then you’ve probably not given much thought to the ways in which our relationship with our Creator is, in so many ways, similar to our other relationships with those most close to us, with those with whom we are most intimately connected, with those who love us.

See, it’s true, God is not our boyfriend or girlfriend, nor is God our spouse (sorry to all those fellow brother and sister religious who like to say, “I’m married to God!”—we’re not), but, God does know us, love us and even like us in ways that might be more familiar than we at first think…

Read the rest HERE!

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  1. I think that you can have any relationship with God. If you see God as distant or close. You cant tell people there own feelings about God.

  2. I feel God is like our boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse! God loves us like we love our family, or loved ones. I would give God love back to him and I would give him some of my time.

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