Hello all (or should I say, “y’all”). Just a brief post to let regular readers of the DatingGod.org website know that I’m back on the road, this time to Nashville, TN for some meetings. So if you are wondering why posts might be a little less frequent than usual, this is the reason. I hope to continue to post here, but travel and limited internet access have their ways of subverting my efforts at remaining consistent. While this trip does not include any public speaking engagements or similar events, I want to direct you attention to the “Speaking Schedule” page on my website, DanHoran.com, where you can find the latest information for upcoming and past speaking events. There are several book-related events that have not yet been posted to the schedule, so check back frequently for more information about signing and other book-related events in your area. Hope you all have a great week! Peace and good!

Photo: Stock

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