Today the Church celebrates the feast of the conversion of Saints Peter and Paul. In honor of the feast that focuses our attention on the need that each of us has for ongoing, lifelong conversion that leads us more and more deeply into relationship with God, I wish to share a wonderful little poetic prayer that comes from Prayers From Franciscan Hearts: Contemporary Reflections from Women and Men (St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2007). I highly recommend the book.

God Called To Me

God called to me in the
Springtime of my life,
In a field of snowdrops,
As I mended a broken doll,
At my first ballet lesson,
During the Sunday school picnic,
When I saw a newborn calf,
And on the day my younger brother died.

God called to me in the
Summertime of my life,
On my “Gap-Year” travels,
When I sailed the oceans,
Joined in wedlock,
Gave birth to my children,
Bought my first house,
And as I scaled the career ladder.

God called to me in the
Autumn time of my life,
As I sand in the church choir,
Supported my children,
Cultivated an allotment,
Contemplated retirement,
Grappled with new technology,
And buried my parents.

God called to me in the
Wintertime of my life,
When I become a grandparent,
Managed on a pension,
Moved to sheltered accommodation,
Through the pain of my illness,
And when I lot my hearing aid.
God called to me…and I listen well

Margaret Boden-Heume

Photo: Stock

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