Hello everybody — I just wanted to let you know that I’m back. This last week has been an extraordinarily busy one for me involving some distant traveling for the funeral of one of my Franciscan brothers, as well as two other visits to New York and Boston that were very good, but busy and required time from me that prevented me from posting here at DatingGod.org as regularly as I normally do. It is my hope to be back on schedule now. There are a few things planned for the upcoming weeks that I would like to share with you. First, beginning tomorrow (December 17th) the church prays the seven ancient “O Antiphons” during the liturgy of the hours. It is the final ramp-up of Advent before Christmas, and, beginning last year after the launch of DatingGod.org, it has become my new tradition to offer a daily reflection for each of the seven antiphons. It is my plan to do the same this year. If you go back through the archives to last December 17-24 you can read last year’s too. I have been meaning to share several book reviews and other items of reflection and consideration, I hope to do that in the upcoming days as well. All this to say that I’m very grateful for your patience (I know how annoying it is to regularly follow a blog or website only to find no new content for several days) and hope that you enjoy what is to come for last week of the Advent Season!

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