My family and I are grateful for all of the prayerful support that has been extended to us during these last days as we both celebrated the life and mourned the loss of my grandfather, Leslie Murphy, Jr., who entered eternal life on Friday afternoon. I have not been able to write anything here at in recent days because of the hectic schedule that the funeral presented. While traveling home on Thanksgiving day to spend the holiday with my family, I received a phone call telling me to go right to the nursing home, where I found many members of my immediate and extended family visiting my fast-ailing grandfather and where we would spend most of the next 24 hours. He embraced Sister Death, as St. Francis of Assisi calls it, at three o’clock on Friday afternoon surrounded by more than twenty of the people he loved most in life, including five of his six living children and most of his thirteen grandchildren. He left this world while his family prayed at his side, and it was an incredible blessing to be there.

This morning I head down to Raleigh, NC, where I am to give a daylong series of presentations as part of The Catholic Community of St. Francis of Assisi’s annual day of formation. I will return to Washington, DC later in the evening. I hope to return to regular postings here at shortly — thank you for your patience in the meantime.

Peace and good!



  1. Prayers of rest and peace for Leslie, may he be held so deeply in the heart of God now. And for all of you who loved him, I pray for peace and consolation.

    It is a gift indeed to be with someone as they die and I am reminded of the power of community with this vision of all of you around your grandfather as he entered eternal life.

  2. Prayers for you and your family Dan at this sad time.
    I have never read of so many family being able to be there at the time of a person’s death and that must have been a very powerful sacred space to be in.
    Godbless and take care .

  3. Be assured of my prayers for you, your family and especially your grandfather. May the Lord receive him into the everlasting joy of his Kingdom.

  4. Dan,
    You and your family are in my prayers. I am sure you know there was a lot of action on Dating God while you were with the family.
    Pax et Bonum,

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