Well, there are a lot of terrible introductions to the (very quickly approaching) changes to the Roman Missal in English. I’ve seen this one video circulated rather frequently on the Internet and Facebook. It is what I would classify as one of the “least-bad overviews” of the New Missal. The narrator does a satisfactory job highlighting the ways in which things will change, while also providing some examples and context.

However, there is some serious editorializing and not-quite-true truths in this. Some of the problems are basic like the narrator’s frequent use of the phrase “say the mass,” when one does not “say” the mass, but prays the mass. That isn’t just a some insignificant distinction or nit-picking, but reflects an operative sacramental theology and theology of the eucharist, ministry and church.

Some of the problems are a bit more systemic. Such is the case when the narrator explains the process of translation (the cartoon with the committees, different colored editions, etc.). There is a very strong suggestion present in that explanation that this translation was brought about somehow through a democratic or consensus-like manner. This is not how the Church works — certainly not how curial dicasteries nor how magisterial teaching authority work.

There are other things I could point out, but will refrain from doing in order to let the video speak for itself. I truly believe that given our circumstances, we must do our best to pray this new missal, although, as you’ll see in a month, it will be much tougher for the clergy than it will be for the congregation. What isn’t said in this video is that lots of the presider’s prayers have been changed too. Get ready!

Video: LifeTeen.com


  1. I just posted this one to my FB today, mainly because it is a LOT better than another Life Teen video floating around. Life Teen created four of these videos (1 for each: middle schoolers, high schoolers, parish leaders and parents). The one you have posted above, the one for High Schoolers, I think is the best well-done of the four (but I agree with you, least-bad). I do like the last couple minutes of this video because, even though they don’t get everything right, the narrator does encourage us to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit. And, if we are open enough to do that, then hopefully we will survive this transition (both lay and priests alike). Also, I’m not surprised by the sacramental theology that is communicated in the video, because after all, this is Life Teen…

    I think all the catechetical resources have really overlooked the major changes to the priest’s parts and are focusing way too much on what the assembly will be saying. I agree, this is going to come as a surprise to many people in the pews…they are not prepared hear different words from the priest. That may be the biggest flaw in this catechetical effort (granted there was a catechetical effort at all).

    Finally, I think the best resources out there are from Loyola Press. They have a great set of videos and articles that I think are pretty well done.

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