For several reasons, not the least of which is the upcoming change in website-hosting services, a new iteration of was launched today. It is a sleeker, simpler layout that features clear organization and access to the most important information. Like the old site it includes a menu bar that lists the sections of the website most often viewed — the “About,” “Speaking Schedule” and “Selected Publications” pages are among the most popular. There are some changes including an absence of extraneous photographs and information, a deletion intended to streamline information on the site in favor of simplicity and ease of access. There are some new additions including the rotating information on the “Home” page. The color scheme of the text and borders reflects a similar white, black and red theme in the cover design of Dan’s forthcoming book, Dating God: Franciscan Spirituality for the Next Generation (January 2012) — more to come on that in the future!

We hope that you like this page and encourage you to return often to catch up on news, updates and biographical background. The site is integrated with the blog so the menu on the right-hand side of will take you directly to the pages of

Feel free to share your thoughts about the new design and layout! Enjoy!


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