If there’s some “radio silence” from the DatingGod.org this weekend, it is likely because I am in Hingham, Mass., giving a retreat at the Benedictine Glastonbury Abbey. The retreat, geared for women and men in Boston in their twenties and thirties, is titled “The Lesser-Known Stories of Francis: Lessons of Franciscan Spirituality for Today.”

The theme of the retreat is an invitation for all of us to look more closely at some of the more nuanced, unknown and complicated stories that are handed down to us in the Franciscan tradition about St. Francis of Assisi. So often the popular hagiographical stories, valuable as they are, become so familiar that they lose a lot of their punch and impact. These lesser-known stories of Francis provide us with a new way to enter into the spirituality and example of the Saint from Assisi who continues to inspire generations of people from all ages, nations, cultures, religions and walks of life. Hopefully spending some time with this material will open up the possibility of seeing the more-familiar texts with a new eye, allowing Francis to challenge and inspire us in our own day and world.

Much more to come on this weekend. Perhaps there will be internet access (and time) for me to update you along the way. In the meantime, Peace and all Good!

Photo: Glastonbury Abbey


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