In this episode of the Dating God Podcast we are joined by (1) Fran Rossi Szpylczyn, a full-time Catholic-Church employee at the Church of the Immaculate Conception just outside Albany, NY. An avid promoter and networker within the Catholic social media and Internet communities, Fran shares with us some of her experience and perspectives on Catholic Ministry in the Digital Age.  We are also joined by (2) Mark Meade of Bellarmine University who talks with us about his work in helping to abolish the death penalty in Kentucky and across the nation in the wake of Troy Davis’s execution in Georgia. We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions at

Here’s the link for streaming audio:

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For more information on organizations working to abolish the death penalty, visit

Death Penalty Information Center:
Catholic Mobilizing Network (against the Death Penalty):
Amnesty International:

Photo: Social Media Revolutions


  1. Dan, Thank you for the brief summary of the lecture. The Lecture was given here at South Bend, I loved to go but I couldn’t. I agree with her. There have been people through out time and across space who are eager to commit full of themselves in pursuit of the Truth or God. It is one of inherent nature of humanity.

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