So much of the attention this weekend will be focused on the lost firefighters, police officers and first responders who died trying to rescue the women and men trapped in the World Trade Centers, and rightly so. But there are others who will not be as well-known and whose stories might go overlooked if not for those who work to preserve their memories. Such is the case with an extraordinary young man by the name of Welles Crowther. In a short video produced by ESPN, we hear about Welles’s last hour and how he gave his life for his neighbors. The Boston College graduate and NYFD aspirant exhibited a degree of heroism that serves as a beacon of service and hope in a world that will struggle with the painful memories of the last ten years.

I, for one, find solace in knowing that there is a company of saints to whom we are connected in this life and the next. Welles Crowther, Mychal Judge OFM and so many others watch over us today as they did that fateful day ten years ago.

Photo: Pool
Video: ESPN (H/T Tim Shaffer)

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