I’m sure there is much more to say, but amid the hectic schedule of such a busy weekend, I only have time to post a few images from this morning’s Ordination Liturgy. Five of us were ordained deacons (popularly referred to as the “transitional” diaconate, that is those men who will serve the Church as deacons for a period of time before being ordained to the priesthood — but theologically and canonically there is no such thing as a “transitional” or “permanent” deacon. All deacons are deacons… a pet peeve of mine…moving on).  Here are a few quick images, perhaps some more to follow.

The laying on of hands

Being vested with the Stole and Dalmatic

During the Liturgy of the Eucharist

After Communion

Photos: Matthew Horan, Ryan Horan


  1. Axios!
    Your comments on the terms “transitional” and “permanent” are so very theologically correct. The Orthodox do not use such silly language. May God strengthen you by His grace in His service.

    David, Protodeacon
    Blog: diaconateinchrist

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