Well, what was supposed to be a very eventful weekend has become even more eventful with all the concerns (many legitimate, some specious) surrounding the coming of Hurricane Irene along the East Coast. I should say up front that here in New York City, the plans for the Solemn Profession of my classmate Br. Steve DeWitt and I are going ahead as planned — St. Francis of Assisi Church on West 31st Street in NYC at 11:00 am. Please feel free to come and celebrate with us. The impending storm is certainly raising a lot of questions, increasing some anxiety along the coast and presenting many travel difficulties. I appreciate all of the support people have been offering by way of prayers and notes. I understand that many folks are unable or feel uncomfortable traveling for the event tomorrow morning — know that Steve and I appreciate your joining us in Spirit. We still hope that everything weakens and the storm poses no serious damage or threat along the coast.

Latest weather reports suggest that the storm will reach the Washington, DC area late tomorrow night or early Sunday Morning. The NYC impact will take place later on Sunday. This still remains very uncertain and we are watching the latest reports. As frustrating as it is, the truth with this type of storm is that its ultimate trajectory and force is dependent on so many factors including landfall timing and location, its variable speed and the like.

One thing that has been very frustrating is to see the hyperbolic “reporting” of the weather by media outlets like the Weather Channel and its subsidiary website. They, more than any other organization, have capitalized on the sensational angle of the storm. Additionally, their website has kept out-of-date articles and reports online and on their front page (more hyped than the latest reports suggest) far beyond a reasonable time. Therefore they have heightened the anxiety of those who are susceptible to their rating-seeking efforts.

I encourage people to look at the National Weather Service’s National Hurricane Center for the most serious and accurate weather reports. As the president said this morning, everyone should take the storm seriously and be attentive to the local instructions.

May this storm pass peacefully.

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